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This is a short guide of what and how to do when you’re about to level up your sports betting skills. The 7 steps here are the same 7 steps I personally used to make a change in the betting fortune.

Ok, first of all, I assume that you already have an account at an online bookmaker. Or at least know where to get one. There are thousands of them out there, just pick one you know about and you’re happy with. There isn’t much difference between most of them.

Remember that I mostly bet on soccer results, but the method is general, so go ahead and apply it on any sport you are about to bet on.

Your bookie might already provide you with the latest results, 5 games back or so, and then have a graph where you can follow the team’s positions in the league. But you need much deeper info of statistics to really be able to place a “safe” bet. And that’s where my list starts.

  1. Lookup some directories of stats for the sports you’re in. I’ve found a few, for example, or
    When you are looking for older results, Wikipedia really is good, and even the club’s home pages themselves often provide historical data.
  2. Take a look at your bookie, and check if there are some interesting games. Check the odds, are there any changes in the odds the latest days? If so, see if there are any comments on why.
  3. Check the 20 latest games for both teams. See if there has been a streak of some way, how many goals are they conceding vs. scoring? If you want to take it one step further, look at the 20’s positions in the table at the time of meeting vs. position now to see what kind of form each team has followed up with. That can be good to know, but also a little bit too much work for most of us.
  4. Watch the 10 last season’s results between the two teams. This is a thing that most people forget about in sports betting. It can be very powerful, especially if two teams are rivals, to know if there is an on-going streak for one of the sides. Let’s say Team A hasn’t beaten Team B for six seasons, even though the teams has performed equally good, and has same state of reputation, it most likely will not be a win for Team B in this game either. History tends to repeat itself, so keep that in mind.
  5. Check sports sites, e.g. ESPN, for the latest news about the two clubs. Are there any clouds on the sky, such as injuries on any players or any transfer rumours or any other disturbance in the squad? That can be a factor on the pitch.
  6. If you started with taking a look at the odds 3-4 days before the game, you should check the odds the short hours before the game, if only to make sure you haven’t missed anything that has changed the odds dramatically. Trust me, that can happen quiet often.
  7. Place your bet. You are by far one of the most well prepared bettor’s for this game, and you have at least doubled, if not four-doubled, your chances of winning money on your bet.

Now you can go and do your research and place a bet. Maybe your lucky streak starts already tonight!

A little tips for you who don’t want to take the risk to lose money until you are sure you can use the stats and take advantage from them, is to place imaginary bets on a  paper or in a Word or excel  document. That way, you can follow your bets without spending a nickel.

This technique is of course a little time consuming in the start, but after a couple of weeks it should take less time as you learn what to look for and how to find it.

If you don’t have the time or not want to work that much just for some bets every week, there are very many programs on the internet that will help you either with the stats or just provide you with their “bets of the day”. I have tried just a few of these services, and they often increase the winning percentage in average. But you will not have the control to see what they base their betting picks on, very often. If you do want to take a look at some of the services that have been making money for me, I recommend to take  look at ZCode and Football Systems.

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